Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 3x23 001
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Season Finale September 11th, 1979
Episode Count 24
Cast Lynda Carter; Lyle Waggoner

Season 2



Wonder Woman is an American television series of the superhero fantasy genre. It is based on the Wonder Woman comic book series published by DC Comics. Season three of Wonder Woman aired on CBS from September 22nd, 1978 to September 11th, 1979 for a total of twenty-four episodes.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 My Teenage Idol is Missing September 22nd, 1978
3x2 Hot Wheels September 29th, 1978
3x3 The Deadly Sting October 6th, 1978
3x4 The Fine Art of Crime October 13th, 1978
3x5 Disco Devil October 20th, 1978
3x6 Formicida November 3rd, 1978
3x7 Time Bomb November 10th, 1978
3x8 Skateboard Whiz November 24th, 1978
3x9 The Deadly Dolphin December 1st, 1978
3x10 Stolen Faces December 15th, 1978
3x11 Pot of Gold December 22nd, 1978
3x12 Gault's Brain December 29th, 1978
3x13 Going, Going, Gone January 12th, 1979
3x14 Spaced Out January 26th, 1979
3x15 The Starships are Coming February 2nd, 1979
3x16 Amazon Hot Wax February 16th, 1979
3x17 The Richest Man in the World February 19th, 1979
3x18 A Date with Doomsday March 10th, 1979
3x19 The Girl with a Gift for Disaster March 17th, 1979
3x20 The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (Part 1) May 28th, 1979
3x21 The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (Part 2) May 29th, 1979
3x22 The Man Who Could Not Die August 28th, 1979
3x23 Phantom of the Roller Coaster (Part 1) September 4th, 1979
3x24 Phantom of the Roller Coaster (Part 2) September 11th, 1979

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, Diana Prince
Lyle Waggoner Steve Trevor, Jr.

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Normann Burton Joe Atkinson
Tom Kratochvil I.R.A.C.
Saundra Sharp Eve
Jared Martin David/Leon Gurney
Marc Alaimo Pierce
Ike Eisenmann Randy
Fred Lerner Kirk

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  • Based on characters created by Charles Moulton.

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