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Wren Lake
Category: Lake
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: California
Town: Lakewood
Notable apperances: Scream: The Series
1st appearance: "Pilot"

Wren Lake is a fictional lake featured in the Scream: The Series television program on MTV. It first appeared in the pilot episode of the series, but also played a major role in the season one finale, "Revelations".

History Edit

Wren Lake is a lake in the town of Lakewood. Back in 1994, this was a favored meeting spot for Maggie Duval and Brandon James. Maggie met with Brandon after he fatally shot to death five high school kids and fled in fright. Maggie assured him that everything would be fine, but then local police arrived and shot Brandon James multiple times, causing him to fall into the lake. His body was never recovered. [1]

Years later, students from Lakewood High School played a prank on Noah Foster by dragging him out into the middle of the lake and leaving him, even though he did not know how to swim. Noah made it back to shore unscathed however. [2]

Later, the Ghostface killer, Piper Shaw, abducted Maggie Duval (who happened to be her mother) and brought her out to Wren Lake to set a trap for Maggie's daughter, Emma. Emma came out to the lake where Piper revealed herself as the killer. She stabbed Maggie in the side and slashed Emma across the stomach with a knife. Emma took Piper's gun and shot her, but it was her friend Audrey Jensen, who arrived just in time to finish Piper off by shooting her in the face. Like her father twenty years earlier, Piper's body fell down and sank into the dark water. [3]

Notes Edit

  • Lakes in general are just bad news. The good folks of Lakewood are sure lucky they don't vacation at Camp Crystal Lake, or else they would have an altogether different psychotic killer in a white mask to deal with.

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