Xploration Station
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Owned by

Steve Rotfeld Productions


Fox (formerly)


United States


E/I programming block

Running time

2 hours (2014-2016)
3 hours (2016-present)

Xploration Station is an American syndicated programming block that is programmed by Steve Rotfeld Productions, and debuted on September 13, 2014. It airs weekends (typically on Saturday mornings), primarily on Fox-affiliated stations. Aimed towards teenagers, the block consists of four half-hour shows focusing on the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All of the programs in the two-hour block were produced to meet federally mandated educational programming guidelines (stations carrying the block continue to provide E/I-compliant programs acquired from the syndication market to comply with the full three-hour requirement defined by the Federal Communications Commission for television stations to devote to educational programming each week). The block was eventually moved to Sunday mornings on The CW affiliates, MyNetworkTV affiliates and independent stations, when Fox Broadcasting Company airs the new children's programming block, Fox Toons.



  • Xploration Awesome Planet (September 13, 2014–present) – Hosted by Philippee Cousteau, Jr., this series features a detailed look at earth science and geology. 2 nominations, 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2015):
  • Xploration DIY Sci, also called DIY Sci, (September 10, 2016-present) is a pop-science series featuring the host, Steve Spangler, creating experiments using everyday items.
  • Xploration Earth 2050 (September 13, 2014–present) – This series covers emerging technology. The first season of the series was once hosted by Joe Penna, better known as YouTube user MysteryGuitarMan, while the new host is Chuck Pell, the inventor, designer, futurist, and tech entrepreneur.
  • Xploration: Nature Knows Best (September 10, 2016-present) marine biologist Danni Washington hosts this show about nature based technological advancements
  • Xploration Outer Space (September 13, 2014–present) – This series focuses on various aspects of the space industry, including technology, the prospects of a manned mission to Mars, and the growing space tourism industry. The program is hosted and produced by Emily Calandrelli, who was scouted by Steve Rotfeld from her YouTube productions for West Virginia University's engineering college.
  • Weird But True (September 10, 2016-present) a co-production of Rotfeld Production and National Geographic Kids and is based on the magazine's most popular fun-facts feature and book series.


  • Xploration Animal Science (formerly Animal Science) (September 13, 2014–2016) – This program was originally broadcast in syndication in 2012, and was retooled for broadcast as part of Xploration Station.
  • FabLab, became part of the Xploration Station programming block in early 2016 as an apparent mid-season replacement for Animal Science. The show has 4 hosts, 3 girls as it its is focused toward female tween and teens.


Animal Science was nominated in 2014 for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Series.