Z Nation
Z Nation
Title: Z Nation
Format: Live-action
Genres: Horror
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: Syfy
Seasons: 4+
Episodes: 56+
Production company: The Asylum
Executive producers: Karl Schaefer; Craig Engler; David Michael Latt; David Rimawi; Michael Cassutt; David Garber; Paul Bales
Producers: Eric Wallace; Jodi Binstock; Steve Graham; Jennifer Derwingson
Principal cast: Kellita Smith; DJ Qualls; Michael Welch; Keith Allan; Anastasia Baranova; Russell Hodgkinson; Pisay Pao; Nat Zang; Tom Everett Scott
Air dates
First aired: September 12th, 2014

Z Nation is an American survival horror television series chronicling the after effects of a zombie apocalypse. Produced by The Asylum, it capitalizes on the popularity of the venerated AMC show, The Walking Dead, which boasts a similar theme. Z Nation was created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler and began airing on Syfy on September 12th, 2014 for a thirteen-episode inaugural season. The series stars Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren, DJ Qualls as Simon "Citizen Z" Cruller, Michael Welch as Mack Thompson, Keith Allan as Alvin Murphy, Anastasia Baranova as Addison Carver, Russell Hodgkinson as Steven "Doc" Beck, Pisay Pao as Cassandra, Nat Zang as 10K and Tom Everett Scott as Charlie Garnett, who only appeared in season one of the show.

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Three years after the devastating ZN1 virus gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of a zombie attack — and humanity’s last hope of developing a vaccine—from New York to California. [1]

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  • Z Nation aired on Friday evenings at 10:00 pm.
  • This is the first television series produced by The Asylum, which is known for its low-budget knock-off films as well as modern-day creature features such as Sharknado.
  • The creation of this series was clearly intended to capitalize on the popularity of the AMC zombie survival series The Walking Dead.
  • The events of this series takes place three years following the onset of the zombie apocalypse.

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