Zack X5-599
Dark Angel 1x00 002
Zack X5-599
Continuity: Dark Angel
Gender: Male
Notability: Recurring character
Race: Enhanced human
Location: Wyoming
Seattle, Washington
Status: Alive
First: "Pilot"
Final: "Some Assembly Required"
Actor: Chris Lazar [1]
William Gregory Lee [2]

Zack X5-599 is a fictional altered human and a recurring character featured on the FOX Network television series Dark Angel. Initially played by actor Chris Lazar, he was introduced in the pilot episode of the series to a flashback to childhood. The young Zack X5-5999 made seven appearances in the series in total. The adult version of Zack was played by William Gregory Lee and first appeared in "411 on the DL". The adult Zack appeared in eight episodes of the show. In total, the character made thirteen appearances.

Overview Edit

Zack was a young boy who was genetically raised by the Manticore program to be an elite commando, gifted with enhanced physical traits including strength, stamina and reflexes. He was one of several such children who staged a breakout of the Manticore facility in 2009 and remained on the run.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Playing the role of young Zack is actor Chris Lazar's first, and to date, only known work in television.
  • Playing the role of adult Zack is actor William Gregory Lee's first work in the science fiction genre.

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Appearances Edit

  1. Dark Angel: Pilot (Young Zack)
  2. Dark Angel: C.R.E.A.M. (Young Zack)
  3. Dark Angel: 411 on the DL (Adult Zack)
  4. Dark Angel: Prodigy (Young Zack)
  5. Dark Angel: Cold Comfort (Adult Zack)
  6. Dark Angel: Blah Blah Woof Woof (Adult Zack)
  7. Dark Angel: The Kidz Are Aiight (Young and Adult Zack)
  8. Dark Angel: Female Trouble (Young Zack)
  9. Dark Angel: Pollo Loco (Young Zack)
  10. Dark Angel: Hit a Sista Back (Adult Zack)
  11. Dark Angel: Meow (Adult Zack)
  12. Dark Angel: ...and Jesus Brought a Casserole (Young Zack and Adult Zack)
  13. Dark Angel: Some Assembly Required (Adult Zack)

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References Edit

  1. Actor Chris Lazar played young Xack X5-599 in flashback scenes in the series.
  2. Actor William Gregory Lee played adult Zack X5-599 in episodes of the series.