Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Zoe.

Ghost Whisperer Edit

Ghost Whisperer 1x03 003

Zoe was a woman who died at a young age and became a ghost. She had a twin sister named Natalie. She was bound to the Earthly plane because of a deep dark secret that she held. Melinda Gordon helped Zoe to reconcile with her past, which enabled her to move on. (Ghost Whisperer: Ghost, Interrupted)

Scream Edit

Scream 2x05 005

Zoe is a fictional high school student and a character featured on MTV's Scream: The Series. She was introduced in the premiere episode of season two titled "I Know What You Did Last Summer", where she was played by actress Kiana Ledé. Zoe was a teenage African American girl and a student at George Washington High School. She was a classmate of Emma Duval.

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